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May 8

Hej Bryan!

Loving the track "Siberia" that randomly came up on my Spotify. It's absolutely incredible! I'm a vocalist and a composer based in London. If you need any operatic/experimental vocal work, feel free to write to me. 

Looking forward to hear more of your creations!)

Rock on! - Farja

May 3

Hoi Bryan, ik hoorde je muziek op Digitally Imported (Chillout dreams channel) en dacht; wauw! Ik heb je laatste CD gekocht. keep up the good work!

Max Stern 
March 11


Greetings from Sweden. 

If I am not completely misstaken, time will place you alongside the greatest composers this planet has produced to this date.

Your sense for harmony and dissonance is in a league of its own. Very few compositions have moved me like Spiritual Evolution. 

You have managed to define the golden ratio of acoustics.

Please, do keep up the good work.


March 1

Hi Bryan

Your music is absolutely stunning!  My introduction to your music was the piece Siberia, and I knew instantly that I had to hear more.  I am delighted to share your music through my radio program.  Would love to interview you sometime.

Best regards fro Canada,

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