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Oct 1, 2017

Hey Brian
Great Music..............
Perfect for working (background) and perfect for relaxing.
I hope you make more of your music.
I'm waiting for your new album.
Can you tell when the next album comes out?
Greetings from Switzerland

Sept 29, 2017

Hi Bryan, discovered your genius quite by accident whilst listening to Spotify radio. Every track is a masterpiece it's as if (if I had any sort of talent) I had written the music myself. Ideal for soundtracks. Particular favourites are 'Road to Atlantis' and 'Angels Cry' (can I trouble you for the vocalist's name on the latter please.
Please keep sending m into ecstasy, you have become a very important guy in my life now, never fail to stop me in my tracks. Thank you so so much! Bruce x

Sept 11, 2017

Absolutely love your music. Listen every day. So very inspiring and so beautiful....imagination comes alive whenever I listen. Thank you.

Aug 18, 2017


I have enjoyed your music thoroughly via spotify, however do you have any manner by which I can purchase your music that does not involve material waste nor amazon?

Kindest regards,

Michael Rodway 
June 3, 2017

Hi Bryan,
The soundtrack to my day is '', a superb internet radio station. With the exception of Enya, I think you are the most played artist. As a result of '' not publishing a playlist, I discovered the wonder-app that is 'Shazam'. 'Shazam' opened my eyes and ears to your wonderful back catalogue. iTunes brought your music to my gadgets.
Thank you for creating music that talks to my heart and soul. Thank you!
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