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Max Stern 
March 11


Greetings from Sweden. 

If I am not completely misstaken, time will place you alongside the greatest composers this planet has produced to this date.

Your sense for harmony and dissonance is in a league of its own. Very few compositions have moved me like Spiritual Evolution. 

You have managed to define the golden ratio of acoustics.

Please, do keep up the good work.


March 1

Hi Bryan

Your music is absolutely stunning!  My introduction to your music was the piece Siberia, and I knew instantly that I had to hear more.  I am delighted to share your music through my radio program.  Would love to interview you sometime.

Best regards fro Canada,


Nov 18, 2016

You`r just amazing, you Jean-michel jarre and Evangelies are not from this planet.

Deanna Spencer 
Oct 25, 2016

I've listened to all of your albums and they are just beautiful....soul moving actually. I'm hoping they can be bought and shipped to Canada. Thank you for your music.

Bardur Elias A Logmansbo 
Sept 28, 2016

Hi Bryan EL...
Your music is so inspiring and amazing, your music is sent from heaven, its like having God next to you when lisining to your music, I must say thanks for all your music and hope you will keep doing music like this unto the day you die becaues I will be listining to your music unto I die and I am only 31 years yett and hopefull many years to come.
I wish you all the best in life. 

Best Regards from Faroe Islands...
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